DJ Studio Pro

DJ Studio Pro 10.4

Audio mixer with beat-matching technology
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Mix audio files, create music, add rhythm loops and sound effects, normalize songs and match beats to get the best fading effects.

DJ Studio Pro is an audio player developed by e-soft, good to be used at parties or any occasion that requires a live DJ performance.
The audio player supports all popular audio formats, including WMA, MOV, RM, and OGG, plus M3U and PLS play lists.
Through a control panel consisting of two twin decks, DJ Studio Pro lets you mix your songs, use different types of fading, adjust speed and tempo, and add special effects. It also provides a 8-band equalizer that allows you to set the most convenient parameters for each song.
With the database you can have a better organization of the playlist for the performance, which is very comfortable when using large lists of songs as it provides quick access to all of your files.
It includes a number of small audio clips with special effects such as applauses, cheer sounds, and many others, which can be used in between songs or even while a song is playing.
Using this application is quite simple, as the interface is really user friendly, and there is no need to be an expert or read the help file to start using it.
A trial version of DJ Studio Pro can be downloaded from, which will run with some limitations, but will let you try some of its features before deciding to buy it.

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